Returner Programmes

Return To Work Programmes

Returner programmes take the concept of internships and applies it to experienced professionals returning to the workplace after a career break.

These programmes enable companies to integrate highly qualified returners in a controlled, phased manner.  Inclusivity works with organisations to design targeted, short-term programmes, through which returning professionals are re-engaged with the business on a trial basis.

Returner Opportunities

These full-time Return to Work Programmes can be run as a specific short term project within the business, or be ‘business as usual’, where candidates work in established roles.

Programmes can be tailored to attract small or large numbers of returnees, depending on your need.

Why hire people returning from a Career Break?

Forward Thinking businesses are increasingly focussed on identifying and tapping in to under-utilised talent pools. The following Return to Work Programme insights will help you influence internal stakeholders as to why broadening the scope of who you attract and hire is crucial to long term business success:

  • 38-40 million is the estimated global skills shortage predicted by McKinsey by 2020.
  • Recent UK Labour market statistics showed the highest employment rate since records began. ONS, October 2015
  • 76% of respondents on a career break to care for children want to return to work at some stage – Research Project 28-40, Opportunity Now (Business in the Community)
  • 56% of 1st class honours degrees in 2012/14 were awarded to females and in 2020 50% of all women will hold degrees.
  • A plethora of research investigating female millennial employee’s viewpoints have consistently reported the importance of role models and the positive influence they can have.

“Inclusivity is more than a buzz word or a box to check; it is a recipe for success in the 21st century. Bringing different perspectives and life experiences into corporate offices, engineering labs, and venture funds is likely to bring fresh ideas and higher revenues. And in our increasingly multicultural country, in an increasingly interdependent world, building a more diverse talent pool can’t just be a nice-to-do for business; it has to be a must-do.”

Hillary Clinton

Keynote Address at February 24, 2015 First Annual Watermark Silicon Valley Conference for Women