Returner Programmes

Inclusivity provides tailored support to organisations keen to run a Returners Programme.

We offer a full-service Returner Programme or support businesses through design & consultation utilising our experience and learnings, to scope the programme to ensure best practice is used to meet the needs of your business, aligned to supporting your strategic priorities.

“Inclusivity Partners helped us successfully delivery our first ReCareer Programme in 2017. They expertly helped us shape our programme and we were delighted to find four experienced and talented women to take part in our programme. What stands Inclusivity apart is their commitment to preparing the candidates and developing their confidence so that they get the most out of the opportunity. From finessing their CVs to providing interview coaching, Inclusivity fully prepared the candidates who came to our selection event. Stephanie & Jessica delivered some memorable development and support sessions for the participants and their line managers which have been highly beneficial to their progress and enjoyment of the programme. I don’t believe we would have been able to deliver such a successful programme without Inclusivity’s support and we would not have accessed the incredible talent that is hidden in the returners market.”

Liz LiddleStrategic Resourcing Manager, Virgin Money

Inclusive Resourcing Training

When did we last critique and review our definition of who is the best hire? When did we last question the assumptions behind our hiring criteria? And do we even know if our current criteria is excluding massive amounts of talent pools that we are actually seeking to attract?

Our Inclusive Resourcing training is designed to probe, challenge and educate teams to think more broadly in identifying talent. Supported by large amounts of data and research, we aim to break down key assumptions in the resourcing industry that is excluding vast swathes of talent. We arm participants with the knowledge and facts to allow them to influence and inspire internal hiring managers to broaden their perceptions of talent and therefore attract a more diverse and inclusive short-list for their opportunities.

Career Reignite Bootcamps

Our win-win solution that enables career returners to take control of their re-entry strategy and also enables clients to access this highly qualified talent pool.

When returning to work after a career break, many Returners are blocked by the recruitment industry from access to hiring managers and clients are often unable to access this talent pool directly. Our sponsored Bootcamps enable organisations to talent pool highly qualified career Returners, whilst also giving back to Returners by supporting them in their job search and approach to returning to work.

Finders-Keepers Recruitment

We’re putting our money where our mouth is and offer transitional coaching to our managerial and above placements.

To encourage more organisations to think more widely in identifying talent, and undertaking what is often perceived as ‘a risk’, i.e. hiring someone from a career break or from a slightly different background to usual, we offer Transitional Coaching free of charge.

Our coaches work with Line Managers & the new starter to ensure a smooth and speedy transition into the new role, minimising any concerns Line Managers may have about needing to invest more time with a non-traditional hire, and supporting the candidate to confidently embark upon their new role. We are passionate about supporting talent to be successful in their careers and challenging organisations to think differently about how they define talent, conscious or not.