GAM Investments is a leading independent global asset manager focusing on active management of differentiated investment strategies. GAM manages assets for institutions, financial advisers and private investors. Operating in 15 countries, GAM is a truly global firm in scale and resources, yet small enough to remain nimble and flexible to meet clients’ needs. By focusing on superior investment returns, a differentiated product offering, global distribution strength and operating efficiency the firm seeks to deliver sustainable growth for all stakeholders.

GAM’s purpose is to protect and enhance its clients’ financial future by attracting and empowering the brightest minds to provide investment leadership, innovation and sustainable thinking.


GAM Investments has Growth, Efficiency and Transparency at the heart of its goals and pledges to support  and enhance diversity and inclusion. GAM’s board is comprised of over 57% women.  Peter Sanderson, CEO, is an authentic champion of diversity and inclusion and has added 4 women to his Senior Leadership team in this past year, taking the total representation of women on the SLT to 28%.

GAM Investments understands that business goals will be far better achieved if greater cognitive diversity is achieved within the firm’s employee population.  GAM wants to focus on specifically sourcing talent from the broadest pool of people who may have taken time out from their careers or who may have dialled down their career for a time who would like to now reignite.  GAM Investments is fully supportive of hybrid working and their teams currently working either from home or from one of their global offices.

GAM recognises Inclusivity as specialists in helping skilled professionals return or reignite their careers.  Inclusivity offers coaching and training support when you start in your new role, and we also work closely with GAM’s internal management team and deliver training to ensure your transition into the business is as enjoyable and smooth as possible.


Debbie Dalzell is the Global HR Director at GAM. We loved speaking with Debbie and understanding her return to her career after her own career break.

What is your current position?

I am the Global Head of Human Resources for GAM Investments and lead a team of 20 with the mission to attract, develop and retain the brightest minds in the asset management industry.

How is your working week/day structured?

We have adopted a fully agile working policy at GAM Investments. We are all able to work remotely for at least part of the week and personal preference is supported. Some of us have returned to the office now – I tend to go into the office one or two days per week and then I work from home for the rest of the time. I feel extremely lucky to have such a huge element of choice about where I work. I have three school age children and so the early mornings are a flurry of school runs and then I am at my desk by 8.30am.

I have some flexibility in terms of when I get my work done. If I finish work earlier in the day to handle children’s logistics then I can catch up in the evenings. I am very lucky to have such a supportive boss who authentically champions diversity and flexibility.

Tell us more about your past career and any career break

I started my career on the John Lewis Partnership Graduate Training Programme. Later I joined Merrill Lynch as a graduate recruiter and then became a Human Resources Business Partner. I worked supporting Merrill Lynch Investment Managers who then became BlackRock. I spent 16 years in total with the firm before moving with my family to the UAE in 2016. I spent 4 years overseas and took time out to support my family and also to volunteer with an environmental group in Abu Dhabi. I returned to the UK in the summer of 2020 and started my role here at GAM in November 2020.

What were your return to work worries ?

I was concerned about taking on such a big role after a long time away from work – would I be around enough to support my children? Would I be able to remember how to lead best practice in Human Resources? Had I forgotten all the technical details that I had learnt over the years? How would I ever have time to do everything properly? And all of this was happening in the midst of a global pandemic. Home schooling had already been in place for five months and it certainly seemed like there would be more to come.

I decided to try and think differently about this career opportunity:

  1. I made a deal with myself to stop worrying about what I thought I couldn’t do an concentrate instead on what I knew I could do. I decided to take the agency and go for it. Soon my children will be grown up and then what would I have left for myself? Occasionally I would get fixture pick up times wrong or buy the wrong colour swim cap – but this wouldn’t really matter in the overall scheme of things.
  2. And I was reminded of the words a previous boss had used to advise me when my children were babies – just make a decision for now. It doesn’t have to be a decision for ever. You can always change your direction in the future.

And lastly how has GAM helped you overcome these and how are you finding being back in your career now

I have found my immersion into GAM Investments hugely rewarding. As a parent it is often the case that you receive very little feedback for an immense amount of work. With my career reignited, I feel like I receive a lot of affirmation for the efforts I am making and I am hugely enjoying feeling like I am making a difference, however small, to a lot of people’s careers. In terms of my fears, I think I will always feel like I should be giving more time to both my family and to my work, but the balance is one that I can manage and having the independence that comes with my career makes me a happier and I think better parent. Leading teams is really about getting to know people, finding out what motivates them and building trust and rapport through relationships alongside managing and executing on the business agenda – I am finding this element of my role immensely rewarding and I am able to bring a lot of ideas from previous roles to this one. I am lucky to have wonderful colleagues who make me both think and laugh – it is great to be part of a professional team again. I have to be really smart with my time management. Deadlines help a lot and require that I simply have to be at a certain place at a certain time. I schedule many regular meetings to make sure I have a lot of contact with my team – we all work remotely in locations around the globe and I block out time for project work so that my diary stays free at certain times and I can make sure I get my work done. I have to be really organised. I am sure that I made the right decision and I feel much more whole.


We are working with GAM to ensure that as and when they have vacancies they are able to reach diverse talent pools. Our role is to ensure they know about you!

Please do submit an expression of interest if you have the following:

  • Experience in asset management / funds industry / investment banking
  • Are able to work 4 or 5 days a week
  • Are able to work from any of GAM’s UK offices with a mixture of hybrid home working
  • Are looking to return to your career from a career break
  • Or are looking to reignite your career from currently working in a position significantly below your skillset

The kinds of roles we will support GAM with include:

  • Asset/Fund/Portfolio Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Technology
  • Finance


To express your interest please submit a covering letter detailing what you are looking for as well as your current C.V. We will then review this and be in touch.

We look forward to receiving your information.

Good luck and…Welcome back!