Top pieces of advice to inspire you to return to work


6 top pieces of advice to inspire you to return to work


Seize the day

There is no guarantee that these jobs will be there in a few months time, the market dynamics change all the time and economically the world is very volatile. So make hay while the sun shines and take the gap while its available to be had!


It comes back to you so much quicker than you thought it would

So many of our candidates say this to us, the moment you are back in the industry, it comes back to you far quicker and with the right attitude, it becomes more natural and you fit it far more quickly than you think


Don’t over think it

Nothing is forever, and we all know there are seasons for different stages in our lives, so don’t over think it, if it feels right for you, grab it with both hands. Remember there are pros and cons to everything and each choice we make, if it feels more good than bad, then why not give it a go


Make your family a team

We all play a crucial role, from our kids to our partners, we all have to share the load, at times more and at times less, but we all need to ‘lean in’ where we can to support one another


Hybrid working has made it easier working from home

Thank you Covid for accelerating this, with working from home, it makes the work life balance sometimes a bit easier, and its ok to use those days to be a bit more flexible.


Keep moving forward

Whether its upskilling yourself through additional education or courses, helping out in your local community, show your potential employer that you are enthusiastic and eager to contribute.


Can you share any others we might have missed? We would love to hear your thoughts or advice on what’s inspired you to return to work.


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