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Career breaks and deciding to return to work


Returning to work can be overwhelming, especially if you have been off for a long time.

Everyone’s journey is different and it’s becoming more common for people to take breaks in their careers and return to work after a few months or even years away from the workplace. With a bit of planning and preparation you can return back to work.

Why do people take career breaks?


There are many reasons why people take career breaks. Parents take time to care for babies and children, childcare costs are high so it doesn’t make sense to put children in full time care.

Another reason for career breaks is the need to care for an elderly or ill family member such as parents. Some people in the UK are caring both for children and older family members which becomes a huge responsibility.

Many people have started taking career breaks to have a time out from work and travel or work on themselves and their mental health.

Sadly and often unwanted, career breaks can brought upon by redundancy or unemployment, which can cause a loss in confidence and well being.


Return to work with Inclusivity after a career break


This is why, what we do and focus on,  is so important as we, Inclusivity, help those on career breaks, return to work through returner programmes.

Returning to work requires various steps to follow and we can help ensure that you cover these steps. Consider what you want to share regarding your career break, but never feel like you have lost value in the workplace, so many return to work and pick it up so quickly again.


For more information or advice contact us here – We would love to help you return to work again!


6 top pieces of advice to inspire you to return to work


Seize the day

There is no guarantee that these jobs will be there in a few months time, the market dynamics change all the time and economically the world is very volatile. So make hay while the sun shines and take the gap while its available to be had!


It comes back to you so much quicker than you thought it would

So many of our candidates say this to us, the moment you are back in the industry, it comes back to you far quicker and with the right attitude, it becomes more natural and you fit it far more quickly than you think


Don’t over think it

Nothing is forever, and we all know there are seasons for different stages in our lives, so don’t over think it, if it feels right for you, grab it with both hands. Remember there are pros and cons to everything and each choice we make, if it feels more good than bad, then why not give it a go


Make your family a team

We all play a crucial role, from our kids to our partners, we all have to share the load, at times more and at times less, but we all need to ‘lean in’ where we can to support one another


Hybrid working has made it easier working from home

Thank you Covid for accelerating this, with working from home, it makes the work life balance sometimes a bit easier, and its ok to use those days to be a bit more flexible.


Keep moving forward

Whether its upskilling yourself through additional education or courses, helping out in your local community, show your potential employer that you are enthusiastic and eager to contribute.


Can you share any others we might have missed? We would love to hear your thoughts or advice on what’s inspired you to return to work.


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We’re delighted to partner with Zurich Insurance UK, supporting people return to work in the insurance industry after career breaks.

Returning to work with Zurich and Inclusivity


Zurich and Inclusivity both believe having a diverse range of employees leads to diversity of experience and thought, which ultimately benefits our business and our customers.

Zurich is committed to having a workforce that truly represents the communities in which we operate and encourage applicants from all backgrounds and cultures. Diversity, however, means so much more than that and we’re delighted to partner with Zurich Insurance UK, who acknowledge and support people returning to work after career breaks.

Returning to Work after an extended Career Break


While caring for young children is the number one reason for taking a career break, there are many reasons why people take time out from the workplace – and returning can be a daunting experience. Whatever the reason for the break, these returners often have the skills and experience we’re looking for and would be a great asset to to many businesses.

We’re confident that our partnership with Zurich Insurance UK will help us give returners the confidence to take that first step back into the world of work and have a long and fulfilling career.

Don’t just take our word for it though, Suma Selvakumaravel joined Zurich as a Senior Business Analyst in February this year, after a 10-year career break. Read her story of how the returners programme with Inclusivity helped her land this role .


Suma Selvakumaravel, Senior Business Analyst

“Returning to work was always on the cards, however I did not take any steps to progress this until a few years ago. It was during the pandemic, that I really started to lose my sense of self. I’ve always thrived in the work environment, and it was important to me to return to work to get my confidence and identity back.” Continue reading here

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If you’re looking at returning to work after an absence of 18 months or more, why not register on our website. There are a variety of roles available across all aspects of the insurance industry and we will guide and support you through every step of the application process.


Returnships or Return to Work Programmes


Specialist organisations, like ourselves match returners with organisations who recognise the value they have to offer and who are ready to provide a supported transition back to a permanent role.

Typically, a return to work programme offers a six month fixed term contract, along with a tailored onboarding and induction process, a buddy and mentor from within the organisation and one-to-one specialist coaching. Candidates usually begin work as a small cohort, with four or more people starting at the same time.

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