Get noticed on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be your electronic best friend.  Used by both recruitment agencies and internal recruiting functions, it provides you with the widest possible audience.

But beware.  Used well, LinkedIn allows you to project a strong image through social media into the recruitment market.  Used badly, and you could find yourself being passed over for the roles you want. Inclusivity can help and has developed some tips for creating a successful profile:

Privacy Settings.  Make sure you keep your profile private whilst you are building it.  People don’t want to be overwhelmed with updates before you have a complete profile to share.

Picture.  Keep it professional, with a clear headshot and an uncluttered background.

Professional Headline.  Since this is the first thing a potential employer will see, make it a clear statement of your expertise.

Summary Statement. This is your sales pitch, so it’s worth spending time to get this right.  Be bold and brave, talk about your strengths and your passion, and say what you want next in your career.  Don’t be afraid to compliment yourself!

Career History.  Keep this section factual and clear.  Describe your roles and positions and use key words about your experience that you want recruiters to pick up in a search.  Remember, this is not a detailed CV, but a snap-shot.  Here is the place to record a career break, ‘parental leave’ is sufficient.

Connections.  Start to build your network by connecting with old colleagues, and then seek out friends and acquaintances in relevant professions or organisations. Finally, it’s often worth connecting with friends in other professions, who may have connections that could be relevant to you.

Share an Update. You can demonstrate expertise and market knowledge through sharing relevant articles or research into the industry or function where you are seeking an opportunity.

Groups. Joining groups is a great way to highlight your areas of interest, and discussions can provide you with insights into the latest thinking on a subject.
If you would like any advice on using LinkedIn to your best advantage, please contact us for more information.