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Why Inclusivity?

Our mission is to change the way the resourcing landscape works and the process in which recruiters identify talent.

Many organisations let themselves down by deploying talent acquisition strategies that focus solely on the easy to find, ready to move, active candidate. This not only limits their reach, but restricts what those searches return.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten Tony Robbins

With a bit of luck, timing and data mining – they may find “known” candidates that meet the desired criteria, however, Inclusivity believe this is a missed opportunity and with support, education and adjustments organisations will gain the advantage of accessing broader talent pools. High potential, stand out candidates that bring diversity of thought, experience, skill and capability.

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Who does Inclusivity Work With?

We don’t just broker the recruitment connection, but educate and upskill on both sides, which culminates in the introduction, on boarding and retention of exceptional talent, into your organisation, that until now, may have been estranged from such populations.

“After a three-year career break and numerous disheartening conversations with traditional recruiters, it was enlightening to speak with Inclusivity. Their optimism and enthusiasm gave me hope and confidence not only that I could return to work, but that employers were interested in returners. After months of fruitless searching, within weeks Inclusivity found me not one, but two jobs, which were far superior to those that I had been looking at”.

Camilla SpeckFinancial Crime, CIBC Bank

Returning to Work

We work with our returner programme clients to educate, train and support those involved in the hiring decisions to identify broader talent pools. Through challenging and shifting existing practices and attitudes we aspire to make the invisible accessible, opening up a whole new population of untapped talent.

We work with our return to work programme candidates, who have great skills and experiences, but often over-looked, to gain the confidence, skills and capabilities to promote their viability as exceptional candidates and reignite their careers.

We work within the community, with people and organisations through creating a platform that promotes career returners. We share essential knowledge that enables returners to get themselves noticed and organisations the opportunity to use their brand to highlight their inclusive work environments.

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Introducing the founder of Inclusivity

Women Returners - Inclusivity Stephanie Dillon Founder

Having had substantial experience working in corporate recruitment across the UK and Australia, I can confidently say that the hiring process is broken.

Whether you are the wrong age, have the wrong sounding name, have a CV with a career break, did too many contracts, have a non-linear CV, didn’t get the right graduate role or degree from the right university, or looking for some flexibility in how you work, the entire recruitment process is designed to exclude and narrow applications down to a short-list of ‘usual suspects’ lacking in diversity.

In 2015 Inclusivity Partners was born, partly from my frustration of seeing so many talented people overlooked, but also from the desire to be part of the solution and assist in recalibrating the industry and educate the profession to open up organisations to a truly diverse population.

It’s easy to speculate that with the rise of automation, Applicant Tracking Systems and word searching, why candidate frustration levels are at their peak. Organisations have lost their ability to authentically deliver on their commitment to Diversity & Inclusion, when the “human” touch and ability to understand the individual experience has been streamlined out.

We work with the humans that are engaged in the process, that set the parameters and feed the process that is automated. Automation is useful and necessary in modern day practice, yet, with a little education, consideration and the challenging of assumptions, employment opportunities can be more accessible for all and talent that is relatively untapped by organisations, utilized to their full potential.

We look forwards to working with you,

Stephanie Dillon