What were your goals?

Nomura leadership is committed to the benefits of having a diverse workforce. In particular it was felt the balance of males and females in the technology division was not where it should be. Nomura recognised that it was missing out on many candidates and that a returner programme would be a great way to tap into hidden talent pools.  Our overall goal was to create a year 1 pilot and hire 4 Returners.

What challenges were you experiencing prior to enlisting our services?

When Nomura has had to recruit for our technology team we have struggled to attract diverse shortlists. In particular we were not finding female talent, nor were our traditional recruitment providers presenting us with female talent. We were looking for new ideas and solutions to our diversity challenges.

What made our service stand out for you? Why did you choose us? 

Inclusivity demonstrated success with Virgin and Shell, and a have strong technical knowledge of why we need to adapt our sourcing strategies and interview approach for Returners. They offered a full service solution including attraction, training of line managers, through to coaching and support of the returners once commenced.

  • Inclusivity demonstrated a real understanding of the types of roles we had to fill.  In addition to that, we were really impressed with the knowledge they had about each of the candidates.  They had met them and really assessed them on characteristics that were right for the role.  The summary page at the front of each CV was enormously helpful and every interview candidate had been very well prepared.

How have our services helped you?

As a result of the programme we have brought in four highly capable and talented women with terrific technology backgrounds. The programme has been really well received by line managers who have now had their eyes opened to the terrific talent that is on offer.

Based on your experience of a Returner programme would you recommend to others and will Nomura repeat the programme

We would definitely recommend the Returner programme as it is critical in helping us reach the pool of talent that is constantly overlooked during normal recruitment cycles.  Nomura are planning their 2020 Returner programme and we look forward to working with Inclusivity again.