“Inclusivity Partners helped us successfully delivery our first ReCareer Programme in 2017. They expertly helped us shape our programme and we were delighted to find four experienced and talented women to take part in our programme. What stands Inclusivity apart is their commitment to preparing the candidates and developing their confidence so that they get the most out of the opportunity. From finessing their CVs to providing interview coaching, Inclusivity fully prepared the candidates who came to our selection event. Stephanie & Jessica delivered some memorable development and support sessions for the participants and their line managers which have been highly beneficial to their progress and enjoyment of the programme. I don’t believe we would have been able to deliver such a successful programme without Inclusivity’s support and we would not have accessed the incredible talent that is hidden in the returners market.”

Virgin Money return to work program

“After a pro-longed career break from Telecommunications, it was remarkable to receive the guidance of Inclusivity who championed my job search and offered personalised support for my journey back into the corporate world. Women returning to their careers really do need the extra support from recruiters, such as Inclusivity, to match their skills with progressive companies who appreciate the benefits of recruiting an untapped workforce of skilled women.  Corporates can outsource their returner programme to Inclusivity so that they may attract the best candidates and ensure a smooth transition for women returning into mid to senior level roles.”

“After a three-year career break and numerous disheartening conversations with traditional recruiters, it was enlightening to speak with Inclusivity. Their optimism and enthusiasm gave me hope and confidence not only that I could return to work, but that employers were interested in returners. After months of fruitless searching, within weeks Inclusivity found me not one, but two jobs, which were far superior to those that I had been looking at”

“When I was looking for a new project and portfolio manager, I was very keen to find someone who was highly capable and was keen to get involved in growing our innovative, challenger brand. But at the same time, I also needed someone who could work very flexibly around our client’s needs and because we’re growing; someone who didn’t necessarily want a full-time role. Stephanie at Inclusivity did a great job in finding a brilliant candidate who was highly qualified but wanted to fit her role around her family. She’s a perfect match to both the role and the culture I’m trying to create”.

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