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Contemplating running a Returner programme? 5 points to consider to help you decide.

Returner Programme for Businesses

Over the last four years, Inclusivity has been fortunate enough to partner with some exceptional clients to deliver a returner programme for businesses across the UK, we are proud of the success these programmes have delivered.  Below are the key characteristics we’ve identified in what makes an organisation ready and able to deliver an exceptional returner programme.

  1. There is a strongly held belief that this is the right thing to do and a valuable way to attract talent. This belief must be strongly held by a team of people all willing to gather around the table and to move things forward. One person alone cannot run a programme.
  2. There is buy-in from the top. Programmes that do well are supported by senior leaders which filters down into the organisation.
  3. The culture of your organisation is forward thinking. Organisations that have a flexible and agile culture, with less focus on presentism, are more able to successfully engage and keep We are proud of our 90% success rate of Returners being kept on post completion of a programme.
  4. There is a strongly held belief that Returners bring skills, life experience and maturity that is a valuable asset to the organisation. It’s not just about women returners. Yes a Returner programme is a terrific way to increase gender diversity. But the companies that do programmes well value the contribution a Returner brings, regardless of their gender. Engaging in a returner programme is not a tokenistic way to show you are doing something about your gender pay gap.
  5. They pilot and they learn. What sets apart the great companies in running a Returner programme, versus the tokenistic, is that they do it again. So many organisations have one go, and if it didn’t work they don’t repeat. We are so proud of the amazing businesses we have worked with who have continued to run a programme each year, taking key learns from each programme and adapting and improving as they go along.

If you’re interested in a returner programme for your business or learning more about what is involved in running a Return to Work programme please do reach out to us. 0203 667 3377 or