Elspeth’s return to Insurance

Elspeth Fairgrieve is a qualified lawyer who had taken a five year career break for health reasons.  She had taken a role working for a charity but had begun to think about returning to her career as a lawyer when she saw an advert for the Cross Sector Insurance Returner programme.

We spoke to Elspeth about her experience and also to Stephanie Scrimgeour, of The Phoenix Group, where Elspeth now works.


How did you find the application process?……

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Despite the Women in Finance Charter over the last 5 years, and over 370 signatories, the sum total increase of women at senior management moved from 31% in 2018 to 32% in 2019. And I can’t say it surprised me. Despite the placards, awards ceremonies, and marketing D&I blitzes, what has actually changed on the ground level of how organisations source female talent has changed very little.

Are these organisations serious about increasing the representation of women in their organisations or are they merely signatories for show? Below are the six most simple strategies to employ to increase your reach of female talent.

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(and things to consider next time!)

Returner programmes are becoming increasingly popular. Rightly so when one considers the enormous amount of talent estimated to be ready to reignite their career yet lacking in ways to access employment. PWC’s 2016 report titled the £1billion potential of Women Returners highlighted that a suspected 427,000 highly qualified women are currently on career breaks and ready to return. More and more companies are putting in place Returner programmes which is heartening to see but feedback from participants is that not all are set up for success.

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Returner Programmes UK | Women Returners For Employers Recruitment

How to look for a job in a recession? According to our Chancellor Rishi Sunak, there is a possibility our economy might shrink by 35 per cent due to the Coronavirus and its impact, with up to two million people in the UK losing their jobs. Being out of work and trying to find a […]

Returnships & Returner Opportunities | Return To Work Programmes

Returner Programme for Businesses

Over the last four years, Inclusivity has been fortunate enough to partner with some exceptional clients to deliver a returner programme for businesses across the UK, we are proud of the success these programmes have delivered.  Below are the key characteristics we’ve identified in what makes an organisation ready and able to deliver an exceptional returner programme.

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Women Returners – is your organisation missing out? As companies grapple with how to increase their gender diversity, particularly with the recent findings from the gender pay gap reporting, it is still surprising how many businesses have not incorporated women returners into their talent acquisition strategies. Mired by last minute recruitment briefings from line managers, […]

Inclusivity Meet the Team

Want to increase DIVERSITY in your organisation? If you want to increase diversity, then you need to think like an entrepreneur. Could adopting the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs be the key to senior leaders moving the dial on D&I?  It occurs to me that these qualities are the exact qualities leaders must bring to their […]

Where did my maternity leave go?

Does this sound familiar?

After child one, two, three or four (in fact, who’s counting?!) your maternity leave happens to extend into a career break, which leads to you becoming a full time mum and thus starts a blur of school runs, a feeling all you’re doing is constantly feeding your tribe and the fear you’ll never be capable or have the time to step back into the workplace?

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Career Returner | Women Returners | Return to Work - Lessons Learnt

Interview with a Career Returner Emma Bewley, Head of Fund Investment for a private client business, talks to us about her return to work following a career break:

Returnships & Returner Opportunities | Return To Work Programmes

The Part-time Executive Pipeline The Problem As a nation we’ve been hammering on about the need for more senior part-time positions for well over two decades. Yet stubbornly corporations seem to adopt a normative posture; few acknowledge the vital importance of the part-time labour market and its direct, inextricable links to our dwindling pipeline of […]