Gradient Scheme

Our Gradient Scheme is a new and pioneering programme helping organisations offer flexible packages to high calibre professionals. 

It is designed to appeal to a broader pool of talent than current returner programs by recognizing the non-linear career path of many professionals. This program captures the full market of over-looked highly qualified professionals who are either working part-time, on a career break, in contract/temporary positions, or who are simply working below their potential.

We work closely with your Learning & Development team to create a bespoke Gradient Scheme Talent Profile that matches the long-term strategic areas of growth within your business. Once confirmed, Inclusivity Partners works with passion to represent your business to our network of exceptional candidates.

Once your new talent is embedded we provide structured coaching programmes for your returning and upgrading professionals to help them reintegrate into the workplace, and help you protect your investment in your people.

Get in touch if you would are interested in understanding the explanations behind the methodology.

The UK Part-time Labour Market – Things to Know

In the UK the majority of part-time positions are created as retention tools. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation produced research showing that of all roles advertised 23% were advertised Part-time, but more importantly, only 3% of these roles were for positions paying more than £20,000. A further study by the Centre for Social Inclusion, Sheffield Hallam University, found that nearly 3 million women have been found to be ‘employed below their potential’. The study found women were working in roles that they were over-qualified and over-experienced for. The research cites a key reason for this is the lack of part-time opportunities at more senior levels. Many women who have left their career roles to move into positions with less hours have become stuck in roles that no longer reflect their skill or their ambitions.

The current status-quo creates restricted employment mobility for many highly qualified candidates, particularly women, who need to work part-time for a period of time.

We believe Forward Thinking businesses will gain enormous competitive advantage by tailoring programmes to access this highly-skilled and overlooked talent pool.