How Returner Programmes Help Women Back into Work

Kristin returned to London from Hong Kong newly divorced, with three children and a five year career gap on her CV.  In Nerina’s case, it was seventeen years since she’d worked as a banker.  Elspeth had to leave her role at an insurance company for ill health reasons and was now working part time for a Scottish charity.

All these women came from very different backgrounds.  What they had in common was a desire to get their professional careers back on track.

Two Types of Barrier…..

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Nerina Wright, her story upon joining Axis Capital as ESG London Market Lead after a 17 year career break.


We are taught to fit in from a young age. That has transcended into the core of working in organisations.  While it is true that  a certain amount of fitting has to happen – we have to interact with others, to be understood in a way that others can interpret and connect.  Yet, fitting in doesn’t build trust.  It simply makes you easy to overlook (Seth Godin).

The chance to shine, comes from not fitting in on purpose.  Yet organisations that avoid the temptation to the norm and truly invite employees to bring their whole selves to work, are few.  All too often the adage ‘bring your whole self to work’ is pure rhetoric – a tick box exercise matching skillsets to job specs by gatekeepers who lack the courage to seek the authenticity that is key to blight the conformity trap.

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