6 top pieces of advice to inspire you to return to work


Seize the day

There is no guarantee that these jobs will be there in a few months time, the market dynamics change all the time and economically the world is very volatile. So make hay while the sun shines and take the gap while its available to be had!


It comes back to you so much quicker than you thought it would

So many of our candidates say this to us, the moment you are back in the industry, it comes back to you far quicker and with the right attitude, it becomes more natural and you fit it far more quickly than you think


Don’t over think it

Nothing is forever, and we all know there are seasons for different stages in our lives, so don’t over think it, if it feels right for you, grab it with both hands. Remember there are pros and cons to everything and each choice we make, if it feels more good than bad, then why not give it a go


Make your family a team

We all play a crucial role, from our kids to our partners, we all have to share the load, at times more and at times less, but we all need to ‘lean in’ where we can to support one another


Hybrid working has made it easier working from home

Thank you Covid for accelerating this, with working from home, it makes the work life balance sometimes a bit easier, and its ok to use those days to be a bit more flexible.


Keep moving forward

Whether its upskilling yourself through additional education or courses, helping out in your local community, show your potential employer that you are enthusiastic and eager to contribute.


Can you share any others we might have missed? We would love to hear your thoughts or advice on what’s inspired you to return to work.


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Hajra Khan

Returning to Work: Keep developing yourself


Hajra Khan chats to us about her journey from being a highly sought after Electrical Engineer to taking a career break, returning to work, developing herself, and some good advice for others.


Name: Hajra Khan

Career break: 14 years all together (12 yrs +2 years career break)

Company placed into: Ramboll UK

New role: Project Manager





I am an Electrical Engineer from Pakistan, worked as a Design Manager for over 4 years in the Telecom Sector. I started my job as a fresh graduate and very quickly moved up and was promoted as Manager, lead a team of over 20 Engineering professionals. I was awarded Best Planning Engineer for two consecutive years before being promoted to Assistant Manager and then Planning Manager.

I then took a career break when moved to Scotland to look after my young family.




I completed my second undergraduate degree in Business management (with Distinction) and started my journey towards acquiring Prince 2 certification.




Online search (Good old Google)




The Inclusivity Team has been very supportive throughout the process. I am so grateful that they arranged an interview after the application submission, they made sure that they understood my  background, understood my reasons for taking a career break and offered tailored support to me.

The help and support from Inclusivity has been incredible throughout the process from interviews, landing into a role with Ramboll, and throughout the probationary period.




My only advice to others (especially returners) is to “never give up”. I know it’s a very hard journey searching for jobs (especially after a career break), where you have to face refusals most of the time.

But for me the secret to success is “JUST KEEP GOING AND KEEP DEVELOPING YOURSELF”.

I know its hard to deal with refusals, but just gather yourself and work even harder the next time, and remember to keep developing yourself professionally, courses, webinars, volunteership, anything that is accessible for you. You will succeed one day, as “there is always light at the end of the tunnel and a sunshine after a dark night”.


Stay positive.


Ramboll is a client that Inclusivity has worked with for some time and we have excellent connections with many of the UK’s top employers. If you are on a career break seeking to return we urge you to submit your C.V to us here. Or view all opportunities here, all candidates we place will receive our unique 1:1 coaching and on-going support to ensure your transition back to work with confidence.

Inclusive recruitment Caroline Barber


Getting to know Caroline Barber and understand her role as Global Program Manager for Inclusive Recruitment at WTWinclusive recruitment at WTWCaroline, tell us about your new current role at WTW, what it is, and what it entails?


I have recently taken on the newly-created role of Global Program Manager for Inclusive Recruitment at WTW. The purpose of the role is to fully imbed our existing Inclusive Recruitment strategy and to come up with new initiatives and ideas to attract and hire more diverse talent.


Tell us about the WTW journey to developing a role dedicated to Inclusivity and Diversity and the purpose of the role?


WTW has always had a very strong focus on the importance of I&D within the business and has identified that, in order to continue delivering our commitments in this space, a role has been created within our recruitment function which is dedicated to I&D. For me, it shows just how serious WTW are about I&D and ensuring that all colleagues are supported and are able to bring their full selves to work every day.


Do you think companies are starting to evolve in their thinking and can you share an example of this?


Absolutely. Having worked in the insurance industry for the last 20 years, I have seen changes being made, although we still have a long way to go. What was once an environment which was severely lacking in diversity has become much more inclusive and this can only be a positive thing. I for one don’t want to work somewhere where everyone is the same and has similar ideas and outlooks. By having more diverse colleagues, we are fostering a much more exciting, creative and productive business.


What challenges do you still face in this recruitment space of D+I and how can we overcome them?


As an industry, we have come a long way, however there is so much more we can do to create inclusive working environments. Education and training are huge factors here and the more we are able to talk openly and honestly about the challenges which we still face, the easier they will be to overcome. I also think that businesses can do a lot to work together and create a more inclusive industry as a whole.

Perhaps you can share why WTW is participating in the returner programme?


WTW recognises the wealth of talent there is amongst returners and the huge benefit they can bring to the business. Returners can bring extremely valuable skill sets and different perspectives to a team and contribute massively to their success.


You mentioned a small career break yourself – what did you do during your career break? 


I took a career break of around 9 months in 2019 in order to reassess what I wanted to do and where I wanted my career to go. I felt as though I has sat in the ‘comfy seat’ for too long and needed a new challenge. During my break I had a much-needed rest and also spent time focusing on myself and my priorities – pilates and running also played a very big part in this! It also enabled me to have a bit of breathing space and spend some really valuable time with friends and family.


How did you return to work and into which role?


When I started thinking about returning to work, I knew it had to be at the right time for me. Finding the right role was also crucial – I didn’t want to undo all of the good work I had done! One of my priorities was to work more locally and not to have such a long commute as I had previously. I also wanted to work in an environment where I would be supported and could develop my career. The role I returned to was as an Underwriter (something I had done for many years) but in a different area to my previous role. This enabled me to use my skills but also do something which wasn’t identical to what I had done before.   


Any advice for others looking to return to work?


Don’t be concerned about what other people think about having taken a career break. I was very nervous about how others would perceive me taking time out, however it was only ever viewed positively. Whatever the reason for the break it should never be an issue and if you come across an employer who thinks it is, they aren’t the right fit for you! Returning to work is never easy, however I found it to be an extremely positive experience and has enabled me to take my career in a completely different direction and find a role which I love!


The Insurance Industry is an industry Inclusivity has worked with for some time and we have excellent connections with the UK’s top employers. If you are on a career break seeking to return to this industry we urge you to submit your C.V to us here. Or view all opportunities here, all candidates we place will receive our unique 1:1 coaching and on-going support to ensure your transition back to work with confidence.

Mandy Charters return to work


We spoke with Mandy Charters, a strong career woman and mother of two, about her experience with taking a career break and returning to work on a returner programme.

Mandy’s story took many different turns, some many of us are familiar with, and some not as much, which just makes her even more interesting and admirable.


Name: Many Charters

Career break: over 4 years

Returner Programme Placement: Axis Capital

New role: Management Accountant




I worked as an Accountant in the Insurance Industry for most of my working life pre children, in a full time capacity, and then when I had our first child I started working part time. I felt this was still a little restricting over school holidays and decided to start working on a contractual basis with other firms so that I could have the summers off with our son. I was able to change my hours somewhat and be flexible to accommodate being a mum too.



“My husband and I had always wanted to foster a child, and when the call came around 5 years ago to foster a young baby, I decided to stop working to be with our children at home, be available for social workers, and care for them both full time.”




We decided to adopt our fostered daughter and I spent over 4 years at home with my kids. During this time I set up my own successful childminding business from home, which allowed me the space to care for my own children whilst caring for others’ children, and earning an income.




It was only till April 2021 when I was doing some research on LinkedIn and I saw an ad for Inclusivity and returning to work, that it triggered my interest to look into this more and understand what returner programmes were.


All my experience with recruiters up to this point, had been unsupportive especially once I had mentioned I had been out of work for a few years. It was so disheartening, and discouraging.




After chatting to Stephanie, founder of Inclusivity, she reassured me that my skillset was still current, and I was employable. She empowered me and made me feel worthy. I had felt hopeless up until this point and Stephanie sent through potential roles matching my experience, and she organised my interviews for my current role at Axis Capital, where I work permanently in a full time capacity.


Emma Ferres is also absolutely amazing, she has coached me through the process, and given me tools and tips on how to navigate sticky situations.



“Axis Capital, have treated me as an equal to my other colleagues and I’m grateful that my manager had the confidence in me, that he took the leap of faith, and helped empower other woman.”




  1. Believe that you are employable again.
  2. Know your market rate and worth.
  3. Never make excuses for taking time out. It is not a crime to take a career break and do something that you want to do.



The Insurance Industry is an industry Inclusivity has worked with for some time and we have excellent connections with the UK’s top employers. If you are on a career break seeking to return to this industry we urge you to submit your C.V to us here. Or view all opportunities here, all candidates we place will receive our unique 1:1 coaching and on-going support to ensure your transition back to work with confidence.