Women Returners 2018 Virgin Money ReCareer programme

In 2017, Virgin Money successfully launched their first return to work career programme aimed at professionals who had been out of work for 18 months or more.

This year, the same programme is back by popular demand. The Virgin Money ReCareer programme is already causing quite a stir and so it should. With Virgin Money being committed to providing a supported route back to work, we caught up with one of the successful applicants from last year to hear more about her experience and why she would recommend applying for the scheme.

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Are you struggling to reignite your career? Sending off applications but hearing nothing back? Searching for flexible / part-time roles but uncovering nothing you want to apply for? Struggling to explain the career break and pitch yourself in a confident manner?

Our Career Reignite Bootcamps run quarterly and are FREE to attend. In these session we get straight to the crux of your job search challenges and empower you to be your own Recruiter. We teach you how to uncover the hidden jobs market, how to find your competitive advantage, and how to network yourself in places where you know hiring managers will be present.

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Career Returner | Women Returners | Return to Work - Lessons Learnt

Interview with a Career Returner Emma Bewley, Head of Fund Investment for a private client business, talks to us about her return to work following a career break:

Returnships & Returner Opportunities | Return To Work Programmes

The Part-time Executive Pipeline The Problem As a nation we’ve been hammering on about the need for more senior part-time positions for well over two decades. Yet stubbornly corporations seem to adopt a normative posture; few acknowledge the vital importance of the part-time labour market and its direct, inextricable links to our dwindling pipeline of […]

Returnships & Returner Opportunities | Return To Work Programmes

Career Advancement for Women

We regularly see much written about motherhood and flexible working, yet less often do we get a glimpse in to the experiences of fathers and flexible working.

Sheryl Sandberg in ‘Lean In’ promulgates the notion that the man whom a woman chooses as their partner is one of the most significant career decisions she will make, especially if she is planning a family. This however is based on a premise that should the man wish to support his wife’s career there will be accessible flexible work schedules available to him if he desires to keep working himself.

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Returnships & Returner Opportunities | Return To Work Programmes

In 2005 the Harvard Business Review published an article under Career Planning titled Off-Ramps and On-Ramps – Keeping Talented Women on the Road to Success, by Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Carolyn Buck Luce.

At the time the article stimulated great debate and discussion, both in the US and the UK, around the reasons women were ‘opting out’ of long-term career progression and how to change this. A flurry of gender diversity programs were quickly released as corporations worked to stymie any chance of being perceived as unfriendly to working women.

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Returnships & Returner Opportunities | Return To Work Programmes

Is Gender Equality Achievable in the Workplace?

The lack of women in senior positions in both government and business has been a much discussed issue for some time. However, with the exception of the publication of Lord Davies’ ‘Women on Boards’, it is debatable whether anything of any real substance has been done to address the crux of the problem over the past decade. Read more